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Testimonials about Writers Resource Group


                "Citron & Deutsch has brought Chris Malburg and Writers Resource Group into several engagements. Their work is professional, on time and on budget. Chris Malburg labors to find exactly how his work can best serve our clients needs, then provides that and much more. Our writing assignments go to Chris and Writers Resource Group. They are the best."

                                         --Rick Citron, Partner, Citron & Deutsch, LLC

     "It's not often you find someone like Chris Malburg who combines such an in-depth understanding of finance (and it's importance in corporate decision-making) with such a professional literary talent.  He's done wonders for our clients, translating fuzzy, abstract concepts into crystal-clear pages.  Add to that his involvement in a broad list of nonprofits and you see why we like working with Chris so much."

--Don Spector, President, The Next Level Marketing (http://www.tnlmarketing.com)

      "Our firm had never sought to raise capital before.  Writers Resource Group, led by Chris Malburg, explained each step of the process thoroughly.  He described his firm's role in drafting the comprehensive business description--including financial forecasts--required by our investment bankers to present our company to prospective investors.  In all respects, Chris' work was right on point, clear and concise.  He created just what our bankers and their investors needed to determine their interest in us.  I look forward to working with Chris Malburg and Writers Resource Group again." 

                                                                       --Lucy Postalov, CEO, Infinitas Corp.


 "Chris Malburg has a rare combination of talents:  He's one of the finest financial writes I've had the privilege of working with and he has a sharp
analytical mind.  There aren't many CPA/MBAs who can produce a complex financial forecast based on a number of moving assumptions and then draft a compelling, comprehensive description of the enterpirse.  When a financial writing and analytical project needs to be done right the first time and the pressures of the moment require fast, accurate turnaround, I can count on Writers Resource Group and Chris Malburg."

--Rick Tell, CEO Merging Promotions,









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