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How we work

     We work for you.  Your project gets the most careful attention.  The steps taken are designed to ensure the work product meets or exceeds your expectations and we complete the project on deadline.   

Steps to completing an assignment:

1. Discussion of the assignment--usually via conference call. 

2. We'll review the materials you've produced to date--yes we sign non-disclosure  
     agreements if asked.  

3. We determine the scope of our involvement, responsibilities and establish
     milestone due dates

4. Agree on the fee and terms of the engagement, then mutually sign the
    Engagement Letter

5. The first segment of the project is taken to draft stage.  It then undergoes client
     review.  This is where we make mid-course corrections on style, depth of
     research, format and the many other things that create a successful project.

6.  We provide frequent updates and progress drafts at each milestone to ensure
      compliance with project specifications

7. We review the completed project draft with you to make any final changes

8. We close out the project and deliver the final version in whatever media format
    was agreed on.

Payment schedule

    We base our fees on the value we add to a project.  Typcially we're brought in on high-value, time sensitive assignments where an experienced, professional financial writer is the key to success.  Our fees are usually paid in two installments:

    1. On signing the engagement letter

    2. When we submit the first draft--by then 90% of the project is usually complete

WRG's fees have ranged from just $500 to over $30,000 and more for long-term, value added assignments.  It all depends on the scope of our work.  Because we generally work on a fixed fee, you will know exactly what the assignment will cost before engaging us. 


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