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Sister Mary Pat™ of Our Lady of Perpetual Correctness™

In business today, clarity is the key to credibility
Hi all.  Sister Mary Pat™ here of Our Lady of Perpetual Correctness™ and WRG's Chief Grammarian.   Every few weeks or so, I take time out from my duties to share my English grammar notes with WRG's clients, colleagues and friends. After 35 years at St. Dom's Academy, I've earned my English grammar chops, believe me.  Chances are, you already know these rules. But when we get busy or in a hurry, we all tend to forget them.  That's how errors creep into our writing. Worse yet, a simple grammar mistake can ruin that good first impression and taint your reputation for accuracy and excellence. 

By now I've quite a list of grammar tips.  I invite you to visit my archives by clicking on:  

                                            VISIT SMP'S GRAMMAR ARCHIVES

Now, read on, pay attention and sit up straight in your chair.

All the best wishes,
Sister Mary Pat™, Our Lady of Perpetual Correctness™
Chief Grammarian, Writers Resource Group, Inc.™
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